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Sand & Cement plaster required a smoothing step. In Egypt, smoothing can be applied in several steps. "Gypfine" products range offers a variety of products when applied correctly can achieve a smooth surface in less number of coats with better surface quality and strength.



Apply a coat of Gypfine Almomtaz 120 with a thickness less than 3 mm to hide any imperfections on Sand & Cement substrates.

Also on rough Sand & Cement substarts especially ceiling apply Gypfine High Coat with thickness less than 5mm and to achieve the maximum surface strength and smoothness apply Gypfine Super Almomtaz on both Gypfine Almomtaz 120and Gypfine High coat.

After the complete setting of Gypfine Super Almomtaz it is recommended to cover the surface by a layer of sealer according to craft principals  so it can be ready for painting phase without the need of any further smoothing.

Key facts

  • More than 23% higher coverage
  • Up to 5 mm thickness per coat
  • Strong and very smooth  final surface


On top of very and intermediate rough sand & cement plaster on all walls and ceilings.


Residential Administrative & Services Healthcare Commercial & Hospitality Education

Installation overview

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