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Gyplast Fix

“Gyplast Fix”, is a fast setting plaster in the form of whitish powder, ready for manual application after the addition of the specific amount of water. It’s mechanically mixed and automatically packed with constant tested ratios, composed from primary raw materials and high quality additives enhancing the product performance. Natural elements compose more than 98% from the total weight. After adding the right portion of clean water, it gives a homogeneous mortar ready for application without adding any additives. It has the ability to level edges and corners especially in contact with concrete beams, giving it an unbreakable edge, whitish appearance in addition to completion in shorter duration. It is used to prepare leveling screeds and spots without the need to remove them in future especially if the surface will be leveled using “Gyplast Fill”

“Gyplast Fix”, after its setting gives a very thick coat. It also features a very high adhesion to concrete and all types of bricks substrates without the need for cement slurry projection, in addition to a very high worker productivity per day with the lowest percentage of waste and an adapted setting time for site needs

Key facts

Perfect for applying vertical and horizontal screeds and spots with a large range of thicknesses

Ideal for applying in edges, corners or installing galvanized steel edges and plastic mesh tapes in construction separations

Ideal for electrical and carpenter repairs

Doesn’t require removal of screeds and spots after levelling

Doesn't separations or cracks with the application of Gyplast Fill or traditional plaster

Very strong surface strength allowing accurate levelling

Rich with adhesion additives improving adhesion to different types of substrates

Minimal waste compared to traditional methods

Whitish surface

Easy to handle and store resulting in better organized and clean site

Easy to prepare, only spray the powder to water with the right ratio and mix till reaching the required consitency

Easy to apply, especially when applying vertical screed resulting in better plasterer productivity and job quality

Adjusted setting time from 15-20 mins

Guranteed by Saint-Gobain, the world leading manufacturer and producer of building materials

Very health both during application or housing

Enviroment friendly as ithas a low energy consumption during manufacturing comapred to traditional methods & packed in recycable bags



'Substrate must be sound, free from dust, loose particles, cement laitance, curing compounds, oil, grease or any other contamination
Ensure the mixing container and the application tools are clean especially form waste of previous mix and it’s recommended to clean the tools directly after usage


“Gyplast Fix” is sprayed on water with the right ratios (Don’t add water to powder), then leave for 2 mins till it soaks completely. Stir the mix perfectly in all directions till reaching a homogeneous mortar with the convenient consistency for the application. It is preferred to use mechanical mixing


“Gyplast Fix” is workable for 15 mins starting from the start of mixing, initial setting in 20 mins and reaches final setting in 1 day on average according to surface conditions, and thickness, weather conditions and humidity.
"Gyplast Fix" can be applied to make screeds either vertical (recommended) or horizontal and doesn't require to be removed after plastering. Also "Gyplast Fix" can be used for wall repairs, installation of electricity pipes, door and windows fitting.

Extra information

Storage & Packing

Pack (Kg)25

Packs / Ton 40

Storage Conditions

Must be stored in a dry area away from the reach of humidity or any water source, preferably on wodden pallets and covered with impermeable cover to mainatain a steady quality the longest duration possible

Storage Validity

6 months

Technical Date Sheet 

Wet Density 1400-1500 gm/l
PH Value neutral
Workability Time 15
Initial Setting time 20
Coverage / Sac ≥65 m2 @ 1 cm thickness ±5 m2
%  Mixing water 65%
Max. Thickness / Layer 1 - 5 cm


Fast Setting Plaster

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