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AlBallah is a traditional gypsum binder extracted from Ballah quarry used for multi-application -nonstructural civil works- such as floor covering, additives for sand & cement mortars, marble fixing... etc.

Key facts

  • Fast setting stucco
  • Pre-mixed powder -only addition of water is required
  • Economic
  • Floor covering as a protective layer
  • Marble fixing
  • Additives for sand & cement mortars to accelerate setting time



Substrate must be sound, free from dust, loose particles, cement laitance, curing compounds, oil, grease or any other contamination


Al-Ballah is sprayed on water with the right ratios (Don’t add water to powder), then leave for 2 minutes till it soaks completely. Stir the mix perfectly in all directions till reaching a homogeneous mortar with the convenient consistency for the application. It is preferred to use mechanical mixing.

After preparation and mixing, apply the Ballah for the required purpose




Wet Density

1500 gm/l

PH Value


Workability Time

3 - 5 minutes

Initial Setting time

10 -15 minutes

%  Mixing water

75 - 80 %



Storage & Packing:

AlBallah is supplied in 30.3KG paper sacks constructed in two layers; the inner and the outer layer should be brown paper.

The construction of the sacks ensures that the contents will be protected adequately under normal conditions of transport, storage and handling.

  • Packs / Ton:  33 

Storage Conditions:

Must be stored in a dry area away from the reach of humidity or any water source, preferably on wooden pallets and covered with impermeable cover to a steady quality the longest duration possible

Storage Validity: 3 months


Gypsum Building Plaster (B1) with an initial setting time <20 min and compressive strength ≥ 2,0 N/mm²


EN 13279-1 - B1/20/2

Customer Service Hot Line 19230

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