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Gyproc Easi-Fill

Gyproc Easi-Fill is used for all stages of plasterboard jointing, for pre-filling gaps and holes and for fixing of beads. It has very low shrinkage, allowing a finished joint to be achieved in only two applications, the second of which can be applied after only 180 minutes. Note that it should not be used over an earlier coat of an air-drying product.

Key facts

1- Fire resistance : Most fire-rated Saint-Gobain Gyproc systems require the board joints to be filled, even in locations where the system is not visible to building users, in order to achieve the tested performance. Gyproc Easi-Fill is suitable for this purpose.

2-Effect of condensation and other moisture  : Gyproc Easi-Fill should be protected from continuous exposure to moisture. Prolonged or repeated exposure to moisture may cause a loss of strength and/or adhesion.
3-Setting time : Mixture is workable for approx 100 minutes, and sets suddenly (snap set). recoatable after 180 minutes. Setting time 120 minutes. Full strength is only achieved when the product is completely dry, hence adequate ventilation must be provided, particularly where other wet materials are also present.

4-Water requirement  : Approximately 60 ml of water per 100 gm

5-Free from cracking

6-Water Plaster ration  : 60 ml/100 gm. Water retention test 99%. ±1
7-Consistency : 165 mm. ±5
8-Adhesion/Cohesion strength :  ≥ 0.3N/mm2


Background preparation
Plasterboard surfaces should be reasonably dry, clean and protected from the weather. Boards should be securely fixed with no steps between adjacent boards. The correct fixings must be used and properly located with their heads just below the liner surface. Any protruding screw heads should be driven home with a hand screwdriver, prior to spotting and jointing. Gaps between boards greater than 3mm should be pre-filled prior to taping with Gyproc Joint Tape.
The powder should be added gradually to clean water in a clean mixing vessel, stirring continuously until a smooth creamy consistency is achieved. Excessive mechanical mixing should be avoided, and only low-speed mixers used. Once the material starts to set it must be used quickly or discarded, it cannot be remixed. Contamination from previous mixes can shorten the setting time and reduce the strength of the product when set.
Apply Gyproc Easi-Fill to the joint to embed the tape and immediately overcoat to fully fill the tapered board edges and just feather out onto the board surface. Allow to set – 120 minutes – then apply the finishing coat, feathered out beyond the first. Procedures for finishing angle joints, screw spotting, etc. are similar 
After the finishing coat has dried, sand lightly to remove trowel marks, etc. Apply Primer to the whole surface to prepare the surface for painting, or Sealer in one coat to prepare for wallpapering or two coats of Gyproc Super Almomtaz.
If the product is correctly applied and not exposed to moisture or mechanical damage, it should not require any form of maintenance.

Extra information

Bags should be stored dry, as absorption of water shortens the setting time, causes set lumps to form in the bags and may reduce the strength of the set product. If storing on a concrete floor, dry timber platforms should be provided. Gyproc Easi- Fill stored correctly has a shelf life of 12 months.

Easy-Fill is supplied in 25kg paper sacks constructed in three layers; the innermost layer should be brown paper, the outermost layer should be white
paper, and a plastic layer in the middle. The construction of the sacks ensures that the contents will be protected adequately under normal conditions of transport, storage and handling.


Gyproc Easi-Fill complies with EN 13963, and is manufactured under a quality system independently audited and certified as conforming with ISO 9001.

Lightweight plasterboard joint filler and finish,formulated for easy mixing and sanding, and consistent setting time.

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