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Mora 2000

Mora 2000 is a formulated plaster used in ceramics to produce working moulds for slip casting process in sanitaryware and tableware when consistent mould life and good absoption capacity in needed.This product can be also used for modelling.This product can be also used in the sugar industry.


Saint-Gobain Formula offers innovative tailor-made solutions for each stage of ceramic manufacture from modelling to production of plaster moulds.

  • Easy to use, non-hazardous for workers, sustainable and only limited investment required
  • Accommodates the flexibility required by the fast changing markets: short series and complex designs
  • Provides excellent surface detail and reproduction to ensure the highest level of quality for the production of ceramic item

Saint-Gobain Formula is a casting plaster supplier. Our bespoke formulations are specifically developed to optimise performance and value to any manufacturing plant.


Our innovative plaster solutions for ceramic sanitaryware are available for traditional casting, spagless and medium pressure casting for the manufacture of your vitreous and fine fire clay (FFC) items.

  • Slip Casting
  • Spagless / Capillary / Low Pressure casting
  • Medium Pressure Casting


We offer a comprehensive range of tableware plaster formulations for slip casting, jiggering, jolleying, ram press and case moulds with dedicated products adapted to specific customer requirements.

  • Slip Casting
  • Jiggering
  • Ram Press


Expert in industrial plaster and mould making for clay ceramic roof tiles, Saint-Gobain Formula supplies bespoke formulations and provides a high level of expertise.

  • Clay Roof Tile

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