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Habito is a special board (type D F I R according to EN 520:2009), with an increased density core, where gypsum is mixed with a high quantity of glass fibers; these characteristics give the product a very high level of surface hardness, mechanical resistance and load bearing capacity, even using simple screws for chipboard. It also helps to increase the fire resistance and sound insulation in systems where it is installed. The special paper with a particularly white colour facilitates the finishing operations. The board can be used for the implementation of systems where high mechanical strength is required, as well as load bearing capacity and impact resistance. It is suitable for all building sectors (residential, commercial, etc.).



Workability of a standard plasterboard panel

  • Cutting with simple cutter, Jointing operation to obtain the surface ready to receive the finishing
  • Easy cutting “Engrave-Fold-Tear” which reduce the installing operations
  • Fixing to the metal frame using the special screws HABITO
  • Fixing to the wood frame using the special screws HABITO steel staples
  • Possibility to fix “board on board”


Reference standard


Types EN 520 – 5.2 D F I R
Edges Longitudinal Tapered edge
Transversal Square edge
Thickness EN 520 – 5.4 12.5 mm
Thickness tolerance ± 0.5 mm ± 0.5 mm


EN 520 – 5.2

1200 mm
Width tolerance 0/-4 mm
Length EN 520 – 5.3 2000 - 2800 - 3000 mm
Squareness EN 520 – 5.5 < 2.5 mm/m
Weight   12,3 ± 0.2 kg/m²
Density   985 ± 15 kg/m²
Fire Reaction EN 13501-1 A2- s1,d0
Breaking load limit to longitudinal bending


EN 520 – 4.1.2


≥>725 N

Breaking load limit to longitudinal bending ACTUAL MEASURED* ≥>1400 N
Breaking load limit to transversal bending EN 520 – 4.1.2 ≥>300 N
Breaking load limit to transversal bending ACTUAL MEASURED* ≥>600 N
Surface Hardness   ≥>35 N/mm²
Surface Hardness EN 520 – 5.12 imprint < 15 mm
Thermal conductivity EN 10456 0,25 W/mK
Water Vapour Resistance EN 10456 Dry range: 10
Wet range: 4

Board color

White from both faces

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